Twice Emmy Award winning designer and our fearless leader, Jo Lord is available for speaking, business or nonprofit consultations. After years of working in NYC with clients like CBS, NBC and A&E Networks, Jo pivoted his career to making the greatest possible impact on social causes. He's consulted with dozens of nonprofits, churches and businesses in North America and the United Kingdom.

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Believe it or not, we don't pride ourselves in playing hard to get. We just hold true to our value of only making stories that make a difference. Social injustice is all too common in the daily lives of many people around the world who are victims of human trafficking or poverty. Our team chooses those stories over any others every opportunity we get.

From almost good enough to almost magic. Story development and production unparalleled with the greatest engagement and pristine quality ever. Maker is a system that enables the highest caliber talent to push the limits of what is possible.

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